Mountain Guides

Currently as a part of project 15 candidates for mountain leaders are in proces of training.

the platform

About us.

BALKAN HIKING ADVENTURE (BHA) is a platform for development of mountain tourism in the border area of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. The main tourism product contains several components i.e. micro products, which can be used and combined as day or extended hiking tours.

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About the project

Balkan Hiking Adventure

The BHA tourism product is a result of the project Sustainable Tourism for Support of Regional Economic Developmentin Structurally Weak Regions.

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Embrace the High Scardus Trails

High Scardus Trail (HST) is a transnational mountain tourism product connecting the mountain ranges in the border areas of Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo. The name originates from the Latin name for the Shar Mountain, the biggest massive in the region,…

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