jablanicamapA high mountain in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated between the Ohrid-Struga Valley and the Debar Valley, to the west of the River Black Drin (Valley and the shore-line of Lake Ohrid. The eastern side of the mountain belongs to the Republic of Macedonia, while the western side belongs to the Republic of Albania. It stretches in a meridian direction with a length of 35 km, and its greatest width in our country is 7.5 km. The part of the mountain on Macedonian territory covers an area of 255 km2. Jablanica is a fold mountain formed by the Oligo-Miocene tectonic movements. Its geological structure is represented by Paleozoic shale on the mountain slopes, covered by Triassic limestone. The topography of Jablanica is dominated by high mountain peaks, wide expanses, deep river gorges, and by karts and glacial landforms. Its highest peak is
Crn Kamen (2.257 m.), and it has several other peaks higher than 2.000 m, such as: Strizak (2.233 m), Krstec (2.186 m), and Cumin Vrv (2.125 m). The fossil glacial features are represented by five cirques that enclose the four glacial lakes: Vevcani, Podgorje, Upper and Lower Labuniste. The mountain abounds in water, and the most famous springs are the ones in Vevcani, which are a tourism attraction in their own right. In terms of mineral resources, there is a coalmine near the village of Piskupstina.

Tourist sites to visit in the Region of Jablanica

• Monastery “St. Kliment”, located in the micro-space between the settlements of Vevchani, Oktisi and Gorna Belica.
• Vevchani springs, Vevchani.
• Watermill on the Vevchani springs, Vevchani.
• Chapel “St. Nedela”, Vevchani.
• Chapel “St. Sreda”, Vevchani.
• Church of “St. Jovan”, Vevchani.
• Church of “St. Nikola”, Vevchani.
• Church of “St. Prechista”, Vevchani.
• Church of “St. Spas”, Vevchani.
• Monastery of “St. Petar and Pavle”, Vevchani.
• Memorial House of Mihajlo Pupin – Pupin’s House, Vevchani.
• Antique objects – Gallery, Vevchani.
• Exhibition of Traditional dresses, Vevchani.
• Picnic area Tishkinec or Samabuka, Podgorci.
• Chapel of “St. Petka”, Podgorci.
• Church of “St. Paraskeva” (Saint Petka), Gorna Belica.
• Church of “Holy Trinity” (Parumba), at 2.000 masl. 3.5 km from Gorna Belica.
• Church of St. Atanasij, Vishni.
• Church of St. Spasa, Vishni.