deshatA high mountain in western Macedonia which presents a continuation of the Deshat Mountain to the north. It its 13 km long and stretches along the meridian from Suva Bara (2.080 m) to the north, to the bottom of the Debar Valley to the south. The mountain crest is clearly pronounced, with several peaks higher than 2.000 m rising above it. The
highest peaks are Golem Krchin (2.341 m), Rudoka (2.238 m) and Crvena Ploca (2.107 m). In geotectonic terms, the mountain is made of flysch deposits. Within the area of the Kosovrasti spa, the limestone is replaced by gypsum, anhydrite, and sulphurous deposits, while white and grey limestone with a thickness of between 300-400 m feature in the vicinity of the Banjiste spa. A gypsum processing plant was built in the region due to the great deposits of gypsum (the largest deposits on the Balkan Peninsula).


Tourist sites to visit in the Region of Deshat and Krchin

• Monastery of “St. Jovan Bigorski” – trunk road Skopje – Debar.
• Monastery of “St. Gjorgi Pobedonosec”, the village of Rajchica.
• “Inkjar mosque”, Debar.
• Spa centre and thermal spas “Capa”, the village of Banishte and the village of Dolno Kosovrasti.
• Ski centre “Zare Lazareski”, the village of Mavrovo.
• The village of Galichnik.
• Museum of the Village of Galichnik.
• Museum of Old Stuff, the village of Selce.
• Tourist Information Point of the Mavrovo National Park, the village of Mavrovi Anovi.
• Museum of “Partisan Printing House”, the village of Bitushe.
• Duf waterfalls, above the village of Rostushe.
• “Elen Skok” bridge, close to the village of Janche.
• Sveti Grad or Skanderbeg’s fortress, the village of Kodzadzik.
• Memorial House of the father of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the village of Kodzadzik.