The trail starts behind the Arxhena Hotel and its nearby cable car. After 2.2 km, the trail is in the front of the cable car and the restaurant, which is open only in wintertime. 420 m from the restaurant on the right hand side of the trail there is a spring called “Kroni i mbretit”. The trail continues along a mountain ridge called “Zlipotok Mountains” where we have beautiful panoramic views. After walking for about 3 hours and 40min the path veers to the east, downhill and afterwards uphill towards Rudoka Peak. At an altitude of 2.310 m we come cross the last source of water.After the water source, the trail continues uphill, which is difficult to pass, at an altitude 2.635 m to “First Peak”. The distance between the First Peak and Rudoka Peak is 1.33 km.


Panoramas and landscapes:

• Westward along the trail a beautiful view of the Shutman Plateau and Lake Chelepinskite opens up.
• Looking eastward from the top, a view to the upper Polog valley opens up, and just below the peak you can see Lake Crno.

Brod – Rudoka PeakBiodiversity pinpoints:

Below Rudoka, in the direction towards Brod (Prizren), vast grasslands (pastures) spread over gently sloping ground at the locality Shutman. Several streams are formed here which, further downstream, create the River Brod (Brodska Reka). Many extensive mires, peat-bogs and mountain lakes have been created at and around their source areas, which are
typical for their specific biodiversity. One can find a least ten peat-moss species here (Sphagnum spp.).

mapk4Accommodation and food:

• Hotel “Argjena” and private houses. Access to starting and ending points:
• Regional road Pristina – Prizren, 82 km.
• Local road Prizren – “Argena ski center” – 50 km.