The trail starts at the information board placed outside the village of Bozovce. Spatially, this trail can be divided into two parts. The first part of the trail passes on the right, upper side of the village and comes out on a dirt road moving towards Leshnica. Moving along the road, after you pass the River Skakalichka, the marking leads to right. The trail passes an
active sheep-farm and continues on to Skakalo. The trail divides here. The trail leading to Lake Karanikolichko Ezero passes the River Skakalichka, and rises on the right to Sheremetnica, moving along the western ridge of Sheremetnica. Before the top of Sheremetnica, the trail moves to the left by a broad saddle and descends to Lake Karanikolichko Ezero. The second part of the trail moves from the lake to the village of Veshalla, along the River Karanikolochka. The mountain trail before the village extends into a wide dirt road that ends in the village of Veshalla.

Bozovce - Karanikolichko Ezero

Panoramas and landscapes:

• The first part the trail offers beautiful landscape views towards Leshnichki Karpi, Titov Vrv and the midflow of the River Pena.
• The second part of the trail, specifically the place where the saddle of Sheremetnica is passed and descending towards the lake, offers a breathtaking view of the Shar Mountain ridge, with the peaks Karanikola, Vrtop, Shilidzhe and Kobilica. Of course, the view to Lake Karanikolichko Ezero only enriches this landscape.

mapm8Biodiversity pinpoints:

The trail passes through high mountain pastures on a silicate ground. The higher part toward the lake is the home of the endemic Shar Mountain mullein (Verbascum scardicolum) – scientifically described by Bornmueller. The steepest section of the trail, ascending up the Sheremetica ridge, is a rocky limestone area where a specific flora develops. Here one may find the Balkan endemic Shar Mountain sainfoin (Onobrychis scardica).

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

Lake Kranikolichko Ezero, also known as “Golem Gjolj” is located at a height of 2.210 meters in the area of Karanikola. It is the third-largest lake in the Shar Mountain range, with an area of 26.240 m2. The view of the lake when descending is breathtaking. The wind that moves the surface of the lake can steal the attention of the visitor and aim it towards thelake. The play of colors of the lake, from light blue to dark blue, through turquoise and violet are unique to the Shar Mountain range.

Accommodation and food:

• “The House of Veshala” – The village of Veshala. Access to starting and ending points:
• Highway Skopje – Tetovo, 43 km.
• Local road Tetovo – The village of Bozovce, 22 km.
• Local road Tetovo – The village of Veshala, 20 km.