The trail starts from “Karaula Building” located on the ridge that separates the villages Struzje and Zapluzha. Up to this point you have access via a dirt road from both villages. From here on, the trail leads to the Vrtop pass crossing. From the very beginning, the track heads south and continues slightly uphill to the ridge of Shar Mountain where it merges with
the trail on the Macedonian side.


Village ZaplluzhaPanoramas and landscapes:

• From the very start, your sight is drawn to the Vrtop peak, which is on the right side of the trail for the duration of the trek. The panoramic views of the villages Manastiritsa and Struzje with the background of the town of Prizren are simply beautiful.

Biodiversity pinpoints:

The flora and vegetation that grows on limestone rocks and stony grounds on Vrtop and Kobilica is specific and different to flora on the larger silicate part of Shar Mountain. One can find here one of the most specific glacial relict plants – white dryad (Dryas octopetala). It is characterized by very unique leaves with finely crenate leaf edges, so it can be
easily recognized in fossil deposits.

mapk3Accommodation and food:

• Accommodation and food can be found in Karaula Building, in three bungalows with 15 beds in total. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Highway Pristina – Prizren, 82 km.
• Local road Prizren – The village of Zapluzha, 18 km.
• Village of Zapluzha – Karaula Bulding, 22 km (off road).