This trail starts in front of the Vevchani Springs close to the traditional mill, moving westward. The trail initially is sandy and then with dirt, until the area where it leads to the asphalt road that leads to Jankov Kamen. From there, the path leads along over a small creek to the place known as Crven Kladenec. From this point the trail continues up through the beech forest, until it arrives at the asphalt road leading to the village of Gorna Belica and goes down to Jankov Kamen. Then the trail leads down to the Vevchani Springs.
It passes through a beech forest and grassland just before reaching the end of the trail. The path descends through a pine forest to Vevchani Springs.

A-3 Stara arhitektura Vevcani - 2

Panoramas and landscapes:

• From Jankov Kamen and along the track, there are various landscapes which are particularly interesting in the autumn when the leaves change color in a variety of the hues of yellow, red and gold.

Biodiversity pinmapm21points:

This part of Jablanica is characterized by spacious beech woods. Near Jankov Kamen one may also find an interesting and rare tree species – the guelderrose (Viburnum opulus).

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

The characteristics of this trail are the clear waters of the mountain spring Crven Kladenec. The natural beauties in the area of Jankov Kamen and the famous Vevchani Springs; a natural rarity, with its specific structure, flora and fauna. The church “St. Prechista” is a historic site that was demolished, but recently the foundations of the church from the 19th century with significantly larger dimensions were discovered. According to studies, construction began at the end of the 19th century, but for reasons unknown, construction
ceased because it was assumed that the church was being built on the foundations of an older church dating back to the St. Clement period.

Accommodation and food:

• Guest houses and restaurants in Vevchani: “Kutmichevica”, Vila “Alula”, “Vo Izvor”, “Domakinska kuka”, “Pupin’s house’, “Shutinoski” and “Via Ignatia”.
• Rooms in Vevchani.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Highway Skopje – Struga, 172 km.
• Local road Struga – Vevchani, 14 km.