The starting point of the trail is Vevchani Springs. The trail moves along a forest dirt road through the forest. For a short period of time the trail moves along an asphalt road from where the trail continues on well-processed bedrock. Then the trail continues on the dirt road through an ancient beech for est and leads to the monastery St. Spas. The descent from the monastery is through a pleasant trail in the forest belt and ends at Vevchani Springs.

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Panoramas and landscapes:

• Panoramic view towards the upper Drimkol region and Lake Globochica.

mapm23Biodiversity pinpoints:

Next to the monastery Sv. Spas, one can find an ancient beech forest with typical features of a primeval forest.

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

St. Spas monastery from the 19th century is located on this trail and is 1.300 masl.

Accommodation and food:

• Guest houses and restaurants in Vevchani: “Kutmichevica”, Vila “Alula”, “Vo Izvor”, “Domakinska kuka”, “Pupin’s house’, “Shutinoski” and “Via Ignatia”.
• Rooms in Vevchani.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Highway Skopje – Struga, 172 km.
• Local road Struga – Vevchani, 14 km.