The trail starts from Vevchani Springs. Through a pine forest, to Jankov Kamen, it leads to the village of Gorna Belica. It passes the village and follows a sandy trail through a beech forest. After a slight incline, there is an area under the Chumin Vrv. At this place there is a mountain church “Sveta Troica”, commonly known as Parumba. From this point, the trail climbs steeply to the Chumin Vrv. From this position, on the left, the trail moves on pasture fields to the top of Tri Shilka. From the peak of Tri Shilka, the trail, while crossing
the beech forest, passes near the starting position where paragliders take off. On the lower part, via a wide forest road, the trail descends into the village of Vishni.

2-3 Paraglajderski strart 1550 mnv - pogled na Ohridsko ezero

Panoramas and landscapes:

• Panoramic view of the village. Gorna Belica, Struga Field and Lake Ohrid.
• Offering a special panoramic vista, the starting point for paragliders is considered an attraction where you have a view across the entire region.

mapm24Biodiversity pinpoints:

The southern part of Jablanica (Chuma – Tri Shiljka – Vishni) is entirely a limestone massif. Above the beech woods there are widespread pastures on
limestone ground and rocky limestone grounds with specific vegetation. Below Chumin Vrv, at the lowest point of the Krstec valley, a large populations of crocuses (Saffron) develop each June, of which the white-flowered one are distinct from the rest. Recently these plants have been described as a new endemic Jablanica crocus species (Crocus jablanicensis).

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

In the village of Gorna Belica there is a central church, “St. Paraskeva”, which dates from the 19th century where in its vicinity there are the remains of a Roman cemetery. At the Macedonian-Albanian border under Chumin Vrv, there is the church of “St. Troica”. In the village of Vishni is located the central church “St. Atanasij”, and in close proximity to the village, along the route of the River Sushica, is the cave church, “St. Spas”.

Accommodation and food:

• Hotels, apartments and rooms in Vevchani.
• Mountain hut in the village of Gorna Belica.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Highway Skopje – Struga, 172 km.
• Local road Struga – Vevchani, 14 km.
• Local road Struga – The village of Vishni, 9 km.