The route starts from the information board placed in the village of Banjishte. The route may be divided into two sections. The first section has a northeast line of direction. From the village, the route begins steeply to the west slopes of Peak Rudina, and continues to the ridge between the peaks Rudina and Golem Krchin. Here, the route continues through
the Mavrovo National Park. That is the second section of the route. The direction of this section is northbound. The route leads to the foothill of Peak Golem Krchin, where it continues along the steep path to the peak. This guidebook presents the route that returns to the village of Banjishte, however, there is an option to finish in the villages of Bitushe,
Skudrinje and Gorno Kosovrasti (previously described routes). The trail may be continued towards the Albanian side through the green pass which is marked on the map. The instructions for passing the green areas are given in the relevant chapter of this guidebook. The trail on the Albanian side is explained as the following trail with the title BHA A3.

Panoramas and landscapes:

• When you pass the ridge of Mount Krchin, to the east there is an unforgettable view to mounts Bistra and Stogovo, and to the west, the valley of Black Drin from the side of Albania.

mapm17Biodiversity pinpoints:

In the area from the village of Banishte to the base of the peak Golem Krchin, almost all types of sylvan vegetation present in our country alternate – from xero-thermophilic oak and hornbeam woods (downy oak – Quercus pubescens and oriental hornbeam – Carpinus orientalis), through thermophilic oak woods (Italian oak – Quercus frainetto and Turkey oak Q. cerris), mesophilic oak woods (sessile oak – Quercus petraea), and the forest belt ends in a beech wood (Fagus sylvatica), as in the case of the BHA M12 trail.

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

The landmark of this region is the Debar spa. A popular rehabilitation, recreation, and relaxation center, situated in Debar. The water in this spa center is thermo-mineral, with an optimum temperature for the body, 38 degrees Celsius. According to research from the 1970’s, the water springs near the Debar spas, have been placed first in Europe and third in the world according to their healing qualities and mineral content. The springs are located in the villages of Banjishte and Kosovrasti.

Accommodation and food:

• Hotel spa “Capa” – The village of Banishte.
• Hotel “Venec” – The city of Debar. Access to starting and ending points:
• Regional road Skopje – Debar, 132 km.
• Local road Debar – The village of Banjishte, 6 km.