The route starts from the information board located at the end of the village of Gari, on the south side of the village. The route leads through the woodland to the beginning of the pastures passing several small, active dairies. Up to the last dairy the route continues to the south, then veers slightly to the southeast, and southwest leading to the Babin Srt peak.
From this point it heads north, descending to the village of Novak. From the village of Novak, the road leads to the village Kojajik where there is a path to Svetigrad or Skenderbeg Kale. The path returns along the same route in the village of Novak, from where it descends to the village of Dolgash and ends at the River Black Drin, precisely, the Hudropower
plant “Globochica”.

mapm18Biodiversity pinpoints:

Stogovo is characterized by vast areas under high mountain pastures on a silicate ground, and only a small part of it is limestone bedrock (mostly the Bik Doruk peak). There is one local endemic species described from the upper parts of the mountain – the liveforever (Sempervivum tompsonianum). Cultural and historical / characteristic sites: Gari is a beautiful traditional village in the Municipality of Debar, located under the woodland called Kanesh. The River Garska passes through the village, and it is a protected natural treasure. The village is very well known for its iconostasis and the woodcarving in the church “Assumption of Holy Mother of God”, made by the group of the renowned master Petre Filipovski – Garkata. Kodjajik is a village in the area of Zhupa. This village is known because it is the birthplace of the father of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Ali Riza. There is a
family museum at the place where their family house used to be. A location worth visiting is also Skenderbeg Kale or Svetigrad. It is known for the “Siege of Svetigrad” from 1449. After so many defeats, the Ottoman Empire decided to gather a great army to defeat Skenderbeg. The main goal of the Sultan was to win over the fortress Svetigrad (today in ruins). Skenderbeg tried to resist the assault by the Sultan, but, still, after a two-months battle, Skenderbeg was forced to release the fortress to the Turks.

Accommodation and food:

• Hotel “Kalin” – The village of Lazoropole.
• Rooms in the village of Gari.
• Hotel “Venec” – City of Debar.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Regional road Skopje – Debar, 132 km.
• Local road Debar – The village of Dolgash, 23 km.