The trail starts from the Hotel “Molika” and continues on the path that leads to the mountain lodge “Kopanki.” From here the trail leads to Palisnopje and down the wide dirt road at an altitude of 1.500 m. This part of the trail leads through a dense molika (pine) forest all the way to the hunting lodge at 1.950 masl. from where a small part, which leads
to Pelister peak, goes along the winter demarcation. At the place called Siroka, the trail turns west and leads to a junction of paths. From the junction the trail continues to the springs of the River Semnica and descends along the valley of the River Semnica. Above the valley the peaks Golema Chuka and Kozji Kamen are located. Walking through the beech
forest you reach the village of Maloviste and from here the path leads to the lodgings of the monastery “St. Ana”.


Panoramas and landscapes:

• In the first part of the trail while moving through the molika forest, you will feel relaxed just by the smell and the view. A distinguishing characteristic are the stone rivers – dry ravines filled with shattered rock from denudation and mechanical disintegration of rocks, made up by a large quantity of broken rocks and blocks of different sizes, chaotically turned over.

mapm28Biodiversity pinpoints:

In the area between Hotel Molika and the village of Malovishte there develops a thick and diverse forest vegetation featuring molika woods (Pinus peuce), fir woods (Abies borisii-regis), mixed molika and fir woods, beech woods (Fagus sylvatica) and, to a lesser extent, mesophilic oak woods. Some of the woods have developed on the stone runs descending the Pelister peak to the north.

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

A place that is attractive and worth describing is the village of Malovishte. This is a mountain village, at the foot of Baba Mountain and it is the only settlement within the Pelister National Park. Maloviste which captivates with its interesting and authentic architecture, large houses built of stone through which the old cobbled streets and stone bridges pass. Just above the village is the monastery “St. Ana”. In the vicinity of the monastery there is healing water that springs from the root of an oak tree and has been there since time immemorial. Visit the monastery complex of St. Ana in Malovishte and feel the peace that will lift and rest your spirit.

Accommodation and food:

• Hotel “Molika” – N.P. Pelister
• Hotel “Shumski Feneri” and Hotel “Shator” – The village of Trnovo.
• Monastery “St. Ana” above the village of Malovishte.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Highway Skopje – Bitola, 175 km.
• Local road Bitola – The village of Maloviste, 21 km.
• Local road Bitola – Hotel Molika, 15 km.