The trail starts from the inns at the monastery “St. Ana” and continues to the passage Kodra. In this section, the trail moves through a beech forest with soft ground of sand and leaves. From the Kodra passage along a wide dirt forest road, the trail continues to descend to 1.350 masl. From this point, to the left it continues to move along a mountain path that goes through a beech and oak forest. The trail leads to the monastery “St. Bogorodica” – Slivnitsa. The trail continues along a light dirt path, through a thin forest and ends in the parking lot at the monastery “St. Giorgija” in the village of Kurbinovo.

pateka kon kurbinovo pogled na prespansko ezero Jonce Ilievski

Panoramas and landscapes:

• After the Kodra passage, on the southwest slopes of Baba Mountain, there is a beautiful view of Lake Prespa and Galichica mountain.

mapm29Biodiversity pinpoints:

The trail leads mostly on the Prespa side of the mountain, which is characterized by spacious beech and oak woods (mesophilic sessile oak – Quercus petraea) and thermophilic (Italian oak – Quercus frainetto and Turkey oak Q. cerris) woods. The Pelister Mountain, in particular on the Prespa side, is also known for its numerous and stable population of brown bears (Ursus arctos) – the symbol of our western mountains.

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

A historically important monument to visit is the church dedicated to St. Giorgija which is located about three kilometers above the village of Kurbinovo. The church was built in 1191 (12th century), as shown by the inscription above the altar, being built as a single nave building with a semicircular apse. The building is 17 meters long and 7 meters wide. This is the biggest single nave church in Macedonia. The painting of the frescoes in the church date from 25th of April, 1191. The frescoes are among the most beautiful, most original and most completely preserved frescoes from that period.

Accommodation and food:

• Monastery “St. Ana” above the village of Malovishte.
• Rooms in the villages of: Kurbinovo and Brajchino.
• Accommodation on Prespa Lake.

Access to starting and ending points:

• Highway Skopje – Bitola, 175 km.
• Local road Bitola – The village of Malovishte, 21 km.
• Highway Skopje – Resen, 206 km.
• Local road Resen – The village of Kurbinovo, 14 km.