Three days archeological hike on Shar Mountain


Combination of site visiting and hiking in the high zones of Shar Mountain, all this with enjoying local food and introduction to the life of local communities.

Highlights of the tour:

Visiting archeological sites on altitude of 2000 meters
Hiking in untouched parts of Shar Mountain
♦ Visiting farm for agro tourism and learning about honey production
♦ Testing local food.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best period: May to November


Day 1
Hiking from village of Pozarane through archeological areas Budimov Grob and Mengulova Kula to village of Vranjovce

Day 2
Hiking from village of Vranjovce through Ramen Kamen to mountain hut Sarski Vodi

Day 3
Hiking from mountain hut Sarski Vodi to village of Dolno Jelovce


Day 1 – Village of Pozarane – Budimov Grob – Mengulova Kula – village of Vranjovce

♦ Transfer to village of Pozarane
♦ Hike in BHA M11
♦ Visit archeological sites Budimov Grob and Mengulova Kula (2000 m)
♦ Hike down to village of Vranjovce
♦ Accommodation at B&B “At Rexho” in village of Vranjovce
♦ Honey tasting and a short workshop for honey production
♦ Traditional dinner

Day 2 – Village of Vranjovce – Ramen Kamen – Mountain hut Sarski Vodi

♦ Hike to area Ramen Kamen
♦ Make photos around prominent rock Ramen Kamen
♦ Visit cultural site St. Ilija
♦ Hike down to mountain hut Sarski Vodi
♦ Accommodation in the hut
♦ Dinner at mountain hut

Day 3 – Mountain Hut Sarski Vodi – Church St. Mina – village of Dolno Jelovce

♦ Short walk to old church St. Mina
♦ Hike down to village of Dolno Jelovce
♦ Lunch at national restaurant Konak in village of Dolno Jelovce
♦ Easy hike down to village of Leshnica
♦ Transfer to Skopje