Five days in three national parks in Macedonia


Five days trip with hiking in all three national parks in Macedonia. Day 3 is reserved for visiting most important sites in city of Ohrid.

Highlights of the tour:

Hiking in three national parks
♦ Visiting strictly protected areas with endemic flora
♦ Enjoying traditional food at the home of local villagers
♦ Tour in Ohrid, city of UNESCO

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

Best period: Late May to early November


Day 1  transfer to National Park Mavrovo and short hikes

Day 2 – National Park Mavrovo

Hiking from village of Zhirovnica to Velivar Peak and village of Bitushe

Day 3 – Ohrid, city of UNESCO

Day 4 – National Park Galichica

Hiking from village of Peshtani to Magaro Peak and village of Stenje

Day 5 – National Park Pelister

Hiking from village of Kurbinovo to village of Malovishta


Day 1 – National Park Mavrovo

♦ Transfer to National Park Mavrovo
♦ Visit monastery St. John the Baptist
♦ Short hike from monastery to village of Janche
♦ Coffee at hotel Tutto, village of Janche
♦ Transfer to village of Zhirovnica
♦ Short hike to mountain hut Govedarnica
♦ Accommodation and dinner in mountain hut

Day 2 – Village of Zhirovnica – Velivar Peak – village of Bitushe

♦ Hike to Velivar Peak on a trail BHA M14
♦ Hike down from Velivar Peak to village of Bitushe
♦ Coffee at village of Rostusha
♦ Transfer to Ohrid
♦ Accommodation in hotel Villa St. Sophia
♦ Dinner at hotel

Day 3 – tour through cultural heritage of Ohrid

♦ City tour in old town of Ohrid
♦ Lunch at local restaurant
♦ Boat trip to monastery St. Naum
♦ Dinner at restaurant Noa on Ohrid Lake coast

Day 4 – Village of Peshtani – Magaro Peak – village of Stenje

♦ Transfer to village of Peshtani
♦ Hike on a trail BHA M25
♦ Photographing the panorama of two largest lakes in Macedonia
♦ Hike down to village of Stenje through trail BHA M26
♦ Accommodation in private rooms in village of Stenje
♦ Enjoy traditional dinner at the home of local villagers

Day 5 – Village of Kurbinovo – village od Malovishta

♦ Transfer to village of Kurbinovo
♦ Hiking to village of Malovishta on a trail BHA M29
♦ Visiting church St. Petka in village of Malovishta
♦ Transfer to city of Bitola
♦ Lunch in restaurant in Bitola
♦ Transfer to Skopje