National Park Mavrovo – three days cross border hike


Cross border hiking through one of the best areas in National Park Mavrovo with visiting glacial lake Lokuf and enjoying thermal spa in Peshkopi.

Highlights of the tour:

Hiking on a panoramic ridge of Mount Krchin
♦ Visiting glacial lake Lokuf
♦ Hiking  in strictly protected area in the National Park Mavrovo
♦ Tasting local food at village of Zhirovnica
♦ Enjoying thermal spa in Peshkopi

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

Best period: June to late October


Day 1
Hiking from village of Gorno Kosovrasti to village of Bitushe

Day 2
Hiking from village of Bitushe to village of Zhirovnica through Velivar Peak

Day 3
Hiking from village of Zhirovnica to village of Zagrad (Albania) through Shkrtec pass

Day 4
Transfer from Zagrad to Skopje airport


Day 1 – Village of Kosovrasti – Peak Crvena Plocha – Peak Krchin – village of Bitushe

♦ Transfer to village of Gorno Kosovrasti
♦ Hike up along the trail BHA M16
♦ Make panoramic photos on Krchin peak
♦ Picnic at area Vrtop
♦ Hike down to village of Bitushe
♦ Short transfer to village of Rostusha
♦ Accommodation in village of Rostusha at “Roms at Fuad”

Day 2 – Village of Bitushe – Velivar Peak – village of Zhirovnica

♦ Short transfer to village of Bitushe
♦ Hike up along the trail BHA M15
♦ Picnic at the top of Velivar Peak
♦ Hike down along the trail BHA M14
♦ Accommodation at mountain hut Govedarica above village of Zhirovnica
♦ Enjoy local food at mountain hut

Day 3 – Village of Zhirovnica – Shkrtec pass – village of Zagrad (Albania)

♦ Hike up along trail BHA M13
♦ Picnic at Shkrtec pass
♦ Transfer from Zagrad to Peshkopi
♦ Accommodation in spa in Peshkopi

Day 4 – Transfer to Skopje airport

♦ Transfer to Skopje airport