Time travel – six amazing hiking days on Mount Jablanica


Tour for enjoyment filled with different hikings in the area of famous Via Egnatia, tasting the local cuisine and learn traditional folk dances.

Highlights of the tour:

Hiking in undiscovered area of Balkans
♦ Visiting several archeological sites
♦ Enjoying panoramas and landscape
♦ Visiting several glacial lakes
♦ Staying at most famous village in Macedonia – Vevchani



Difficulty level: Moderate

Best period: May to November


Day 1
Ohrid City tour

Day 2
Hiking from village of Modrich to village of Jablanica

Day 3
Hiking from village of Podgorci to village of Vevchani through Crn Kamen Peak

Day 4
Round hike above Vevcani’s springs and tour to St. Spas

Day 5
Round tour above village of Vevchani

Day 6
Hiking from village of Vevchani to village of Vishni through village of Gorna Belica, Chumin Peak and Tri Shilka

Day 7
Struga city tour and transfer to airport


Day 1 – Tour through cultural heritage of Ohrid, city of UNESCO

♦ Transfer from Ohrid airport
♦ Accommodation at hotel Diplomatique
♦ City tour in old town of Ohrid
♦ Lunch at restaurant Noa on Ohrid Lake coast
♦ Boat trip to monastery St. Naum
♦ Dinner at restaurant Belvedere

Day 2 – Village of Modrich – Strmnica Peak – village of Jablanica

♦ Transfer to village of Modrich
♦ Hike on a trail BHA M19
♦ Accommodation in private rooms at village of Jablanica
♦ Traditional dinner in local family house

Day 3 – Village of Podgorci – Podgorechki lakes – Crn Kamen Peak – Vevchanska Lokva – village of Vechani

♦ Short transfer to village of Podgorci
♦ Hike up on a trail BHA M20
♦ Accommodation in private rooms at village of Vevchani
♦ Dinner at restaurant Izvor

Day 4 – round tours above Vevchani

Morning – Village of Vevchani – Crven Kladenec – Jankov Kamen – Vevchani Springs Afternoon – Village of Vevchani – St. Spas – village of Vevchani

♦ Hike on a trail BHA M21 and visiting site Crven Kladenec
♦ Lunch at restaurant Via Ignatia
♦ Hike on a trail BHA M23 and visiting cultural monument St.Spas
♦ Dinner at restaurant Kutmichevica

Day 5 – Village of Vevchani – Vajtos – St. KLiment – Pisanik – Jankov Kamen – village of Vevchani

♦ Hike on a trail BHA M22
♦ Visit archeological site Vajtos
♦ Visit archeological site St. Kliment
♦ Picnic at picnic area Jankov Kamen
♦ Afternoon rest
♦ Dinner at restaurant Izvor

Day 6 – Village of Vevchani – village of Gorna Belica – Chumin Peak – Tri Shilka – village of Vishni

♦ Hike on a trail BHA M24
♦ Picnic in the  village of Vishni
♦ Transfer to Struga and accommodation in hotel
♦ Dinner at local restaurant in Struga

Day 7 – Struga city tour

♦ Struga city tour
♦ Transfer to Ohrid airport and fly back