Shar Mountain – cross border hiking on two peaks in three days


Most famous hiking tour on Shar Mountain combines the best – hiking in panoramic areas with endemic flora, testing local food and visiting mountain resort Brezovica in Kosovo.

Tour highlights:

♦ Cross border hiking
♦ Climbing  two peaks around 2500 meters’
♦ Staying at the oldest mountain hut in Macedonia
♦ Hiking  on one of the most beautiful parts of Shar Mountain ridge
♦ Visiting the areas with endemic flora
♦ Visiting mountain resort Brezovica in Kosovo

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Best period: June to late October


Day 1
Hiking from Stare Selo to Peak Ljuboten and mountain hut Ljuboten

Day 2
Hiking from mountain hut Ljuboten to village of Belovishte

Day 3
Hiking from village of Belovishte to ski resort Brezovica through Piribeg Peak

Day 4
Transfer to Skopje airport


Day 1 – Village of Stare Selo – Peak Ljuboten – Mountain hut Ljuboten

♦ Transfer to Stare Selo
♦ Hike up on a trail BHA M1
♦ Overnight with dinner in mountain hut Ljuboten

Day 2 – Mountain hut Ljuboten – village of Vratnica – village of Belovishte

♦ Hike to village of Belovishte on a trail BHA M2
♦ Visit archeological site Petachko Vodice above village of Belovishte
♦ Accommodation at B&B Beloishki Biser
♦ Dinner at fish farm Beloishki Biser

Day 3 – Village of Belovishte – Peak Piribeg – Ski resort Brezovica (Kosovo)

♦ Hike up along the trail BHA M3
♦ Picnic at Piribeg Peak
♦ Crossing green pass to Republic of Kosovo
♦ Accommodation in hotel Molika in Brezovica

Day 4 – Transfer to Skopje

♦ Transfer to Skopje airport and fly back