The accommodation that can be used along the High Scardus Trail can generally be divided into three main categories:


– Hotels, that are located in major cities and tourist centers along the trail or its vicinity.

– Rooms, apartments and mountain lodges in the cities, settlements and high-mountain villages.

– Shelters, which are located in the high mountain zones, usually within the circle of sheep folds. Most often these are one or two rooms made of wood with a total capacity of two to six persons, with outside toilets. These facilities offer basic accommodation conditions.


The price for accommodation varies depending on the category. The price in shelters is about five euros per night, in the rooms and mountaineering homes from five to ten euros per night, and in the hotels, depending on the category, 15 euros per night and higher.


With the provided support by GIZ to new start-up and existing small accommodation and catering businesses, it has been ensured that these types of services are present along the bigger part of High Scardus Trail route. The accommodation points have an almost ideal layout, since after several consecutive days of basic accommodation in high mountain zones, higher category accommodation can be found with a bathroom, with the possibility to wash clothes and receive /have cooked food in domestic or restaurant conditions. In larger villages and towns, there is also the possibility of buying food that is needed during the hiking.


Due to the limited capacity of accommodation and food facilities, timely reservation is required. On each of the maps that refer to a certain segment of the trail, the contacts of the persons who manage the accommodation and food preparation facilities are listed. Most of the accommodation facilities are equipped with bed linen, but for a more comfortable stay we recommend carrying a summer sleeping bag for sleeping in the mountains.