Location – mountain:

  • Deshat


Starting point:

  • Hinoskë pasture


Description of the trail:

Due to the trail from Hinoskë being at a high altitude, there are a two options to trek to the next point. The suggested itinerary along the main trail goes back to the ridge and to walks along the border, behind Velivar peak, and on the Macedonian side of the border, with an optional climb of the southern slope of the peak. From there the trail descends to the villages of Popinar and Grazhdan, back on the Albanian side. The second shorter option takes a different trail in a southern direction that leads through the forest, reaching Popinar after about 6 km with an elevation gain of 180 m, from where the trail continues on further to Grazhdan.


The main trail (HST 11), goes back northeast towards the border and then follows the border line on the Macedonian side with little ups and downs for about 4.5 km. Eventually, the trail reaches the ridge (the border line), from where the approach to the peak is shortest (1 km, 320 m, ~1:15 h). From here, the southwestern descent leads to the village of Popinar and further down to Grazhdan (main trail), while the south-eastern descent leads in the direction of the village of Bitushë.


The path towards Popinar is well trodden, initially on meadows and later on gravel trails. The descent passes a few shepherds’ huts on the way and after approximately 5 km reaches the small village of Popinar, surrounded by lots of chestnut trees. Popinar is connected with the small town of Maqellarë only via a dirt road, so it is advisable to continue the descent further to Grazhdan, which is located along the main road that connects Peshkopi with the official border crossing point to Macedonia.


To continue the trek after Grazhdan, a taxi can be taken to Debar (in Macedonia, about 1000 ALL / € 8 by taxi) and then further on to Modrich, the trailhead of the next hike.




Technical and touristic information:

Altitude of the starting point: Hinoskë – 1,690 m

Highest point: 2,100 m

Altitude of the ending point: Grazhdan – 650 m

Altitude difference: 570 m

Duration of the hiking tour: 6.30 hours

Length of the tour: 14.5 km

Difficulty of the tour:

Required fitness level:       


Panoramas and landscapes:

The best views are from Velivar peak, which provides some unusual views of other peaks which are typically admired from the opposite side, such as Korab (now seen from the south) or Mali i Dejes and Kurora e Lures in Lura National Park (from the east).

The meadows around Velivar create a great place for summer pastures that can be seen from both sides of the border. Apart from sheep herding in the high altitude during summer months, locals plant extensive fields of potatoes as well.


Access to the starting point:

  • Tirana – Burrel – Maqellar, 163 km
  • Local road Peshkopi – Melan, 12 km
  • Dirt road (4×4) Melan – Ilnicë – Hinoskë, 9 km


Access to the ending point:

  • Tirana – Burrel – Maqellar, 163 km
  • Local road Peshkopi – Grazhdan, 4 km


Accommodation and food:

  • Accommodation – Selami Veilu (not more than 2 persons)
    • (41°36’47.8″N 20°29’33.3″E / 613273, 20.492569)
  • Accommodation in Hinoske, Tush Fida guesthouse
    • (41°38’47.0″N 20°30’23.3″E / 646375, 20.506475)