As previously said, the trail is set up in three countries: the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Kosovo, and the Republic of Macedonia. Its formal start is located on the northeastern end of Shar Planina mountain in the village of Staro Selo, from where it climbs along the ridge of Shar Planina, passing through the administrative territories of Macedonia and Kosovo.

At the southwestern end of the Shar Planina mountain in the area of Lukovo Pole, where the natural border between Shar Planina and the Korab massif is located, and here the trail moves to the Korab-Deshat mountain range, first climbing to the top of Golem Korab, the highest peak in Macedonia and Albania, and then continues across the slopes of the massif, partly in Albania, partly in Macedonia to the Debar Field, where the path is in some way interrupted by the natural relief forms, that is, with the Debar valley and the river Crn Drim. The next part of the trail is set on Jablanica Mountain, passing through the administrative territories of Macedonia and Albania to the village of Vevcani, where the trail descends into the Ohrid valley, where the second “break” of the trail is located. The last whole of the trail begins in the city of Ohrid, at the foot of the mountain Galichica, climbing the village of Velestovo and the central ridge of Galichica and crossing a part of the national park known as Stara Galicica into the Republic of Albania, finishing in the village of Gorna Gorica.