In all three countries, the competent authority that regulates the crossing of the state border is the border police. The procedures for crossing the border beyond the official border crossings, i.e. at the so-called GREEN PASSES indicated along the trail, are similar in all three countries.


In the Republic of Macedonia, you need to contact the Ministry of Interior, in particular the border police department and send a letter with a request for crossing the border. The request should contain the following data:


– Name and surname of persons who will cross the border at the GREEN PASS;

– Passport number, country of issuance and from and to dates on the passport;

– A copy of the first page of the passport;

– Time and place of crossing the state border;

– Information regarding the last place of lodging in the country from where the border crosses;

– Information regarding the first place of lodging after the border crossing.


The Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Macedonia can be contacted at:

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia,

Dimche Mircev Str. 9, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia.

tel: +389 (0) 2 3 117 222 fax: (+359 2) 3112468



The Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Kosovo can be contacted at:

The Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Albania can be contacted at: