Location – mountain:

  • Galichica, National Park Galichica


Starting point:

  • Ohrid 690 m


Description of the trail:

The trail starts at the eastern end of Ohrid, right next to the gas station and sports and recreation center Biljanini Izvori. The very beginning is characteristic in that the trail moves along stone stairs, which lead to the monument of the fallen fighters from the National Liberation War and passes to the information center and the administrative building of Galicica National Park. This point passes along the educational trail of the National Park, passing the early Christian archeological locality of Studenichishta and heading south, south-east continues on an asphalt road. After a short distance, the trail turns to the east, north-east, of the asphalt road, going around the hill of Vrshek 884 m, and continues to south, south-east to the village Velestovo. The trail goes through the village on the old road and ends at its south end. Here the trail passes the center of Red Cross Ohrid and the farm of Naumce Dzhajkosi, which offers the possibility of obtaining homemade food products.

The trail leaves the village following the characteristic valley in a southeast direction, to the karst field Studino. Passing Studino, through its length heading south, the trail continues through Bojazon, a dense, old beech forest, from where it starts ascending to the peak Bugarska Chuka. After leaving the forest, moving in west, the trail leads to a crossroad from which to the south, south-east it starts ascending the peak of Bugarska Chuka. From the peak, the trail continues to move along the ridge of the mountain, passing by a number of remains of buildings and trenches from the First World War and providing excellent panoramas above the horizons from Lake Ohrid to the west and Lake Prespa to the east, as well as the mountains surrounding them. Moving up and down along the peaks of the ridge, the trail gently ascends the peak of Lako Signoj (1,984 m) which from distance is recognized by the high radio antennae on it. From the peak the trail sharply descends south, to the asphalt road Ohrid-Oteshevo, a place called Lipova Livada, and the mountain hut Magaro, at the foothill of the peak of Magaro.


Technical and touristic information:

Altitude of the starting point: Ohrid – 690 m

Highest point: Lakosignoj Peak – 1,984 m

Altitude of the ending point: Mountain Hut Magaro – 1,630 m

Altitude difference: 1,400 m

Duration of the hiking tour: 9 hours

Length of the tour: 16 km

Difficulty of the tour:     

Required fitness level:      


Panoramas and landscapes:

  • At the start of the path, a view gradually opens out towards the south and southwest towards Lake Ohrid, Struga, and Jablanica.
  • The second part of the track is the most attractive. From Bugarska chuka to Lako Signoj, wonderful 360° panoramic views are visible. Towards the east and southeast, the view is of the mountain Pelister and Lake Prespa, and towards the west – southwest Lake Ohrid and, to the northwest Jablanica Mountain.


Access to the starting point:

  • Road Skopje – Ohrid, 172 km


Access to the ending point:

  • Road Skopje – Ohrid, 172 km
  • Ohrid – Saint Naum, on the 23rd km there is a junction for a local road to Oteshevo
  • From the junction, after 17 km driving is the Mountain Hut, Magaro


Accommodation and food:

  • Several accommodating and catering facilities, restaurants and markets are available in Ohrid.
  • Mountain Hut “Magaro” – on the foothills of the Magaro Peak.
    • (40°57’5.80″N20°49’48.16″E / 40.95161111, 20.83000000)