Location – Mountain:

  • Shar Mountain – (northeast segment)


Starting point:

  • Picnic site “Prevala”


Description of the trail:

The trail begins from Prevala and continues westward on a road 2-3 meters wide, which narrows down after 7 km. This narrow part of the road is 4 km long and surrounded by deep forest. Before arriving above the villages Ljubinjë e Epërme and Ljubinjë e Posthme the trail widens again, opening up a panoramic view in all directions. The trail then leads to the entrance of Ljubinjë e Epërme village, 15 km away from Prevala. The trail continues through the village streets southward to a place called Brod, where Abib Meta’s guesthouse and restaurant can be found. From Brod, at 1,057 meters above sea level, the trail ascends up to 1,710m passing through deep forest and pastures. From here,and heading 3.5 km southeast the trail leads up to the Shar Mountain ridge and then to the saddle at 2,182m, where the green pass is located. From this point, the descent towards the village of Vejce begins. The trail is visible from the very ridge until the sheep farm. It passes directly under Koblichka Karpa where Jemaili’s sheep farm is located and offers accommodation. From this location there is a wide dirt road leading to the village of Vejce.


Technical and touristic information

Altitude of the starting point: Picnic center Prevala – 1,510 m

Highest point: Kobilica Green Pass – 2,182 m

Altitude of the ending point: The village of Vejce – 1,065 m

Altitude difference: 1,125 m

Duration of the hiking tour: 8.00 – 10.00 hours

Length of the tour: 24 km

Difficulty of the tour:     

Necessary fitness level     


Panoramas and landscapes:

  • On the first part of the trail, from the center of Prevala, passing the road to the village Ljubinjë e Epërme and climbing the Shar Mountain ridge, panoramic views mostly open out westward, towards the Sredska area, the city of Prizren, and the nearby peaks of the Shar Mountain (Ostrovica and Oshljak).
  • On the second part of the trail, from the ridge and all the way up to the village of Vejce, a view is open to the southward and eastward, towards the Rivers Vejachka and Pena, and the Polog valley and Tetovo.


Access to the starting point:

  • Highway Prishtina – Prizren, 80 km
  • Local road Prizren – Prevala, 27 km

The picnic site Prevala has parking spots for a large number of vehicles.


Access to the ending point:

  • Highway Skopje – Tetovo, 40 km
  • Local road Tetovo – The village of Vejce,12 km

At the entrance of the village there is a parking area for a limited number of vehicles.


Accommodation and food:

  • Accommodation facility near the sheep farm of the Jemaili family, village of Vejce.
    • (42° 5’24.40″N20°54’20.00″E / 42.09011111, 20.90555556)
  • Accommodation / private houses in village of Ljubinjë e Epërme.
    •  (42° 8’43.78″N20°51’42.65″E  /  42.14549444 , 20.86222222)