Location – Mountain:

  • Shar Mountain (northeast segment)


Starting point:

  • Ski Center “Brezovica”


Description of the trail:

The trail begins from the center Brezovica, more specifically the Molika hotel. At the start the trail is wide and surrounded with elk woods and continues into a narrower trail surrounded with grass and berries spreading along the valley of Durlov Potok. Up to this point, the trail leads south and rises slightly. After an hour of walking, the trail starts to turn southeast, ascending to the Shar Mountain ridge, specifically Bela Rojna (2,300 m). At this spot, there is a fixed post with road signs showing the directions towards Crni Kamen and towards the ski center Brezovica. Here, the trail starts heading in a southwest direction along the Shar ridge, which is wide and covered with pastures. The trail climbs towards the Crni Kamen peak (2,536 m). From the top of the pastures the trail passes through a rocky section with granite slabs and spreads along the ridge until it reaches the saddle before Ezerski Vrv. Here, the trail descends steeply to the glacial lake Gorno Dobroshko Ezero (2,347 m) (on maps Ezerce) where it is possible to replenish water supplies and continue the hike towards Jazhinachko Ezero. From the lake Gorno Dobroshko Ezero, the trail ascends and slightly bypasses the southeast ridge of Ezerski Vrv and comes to the saddle between this peak and the Peskovi peak. The sequence from the saddle, at 2,452 m, to the lake is difficult because it passes through huge granite slabs. Jazhinachko Lake is at 2,145 m. From the lake, the trail ascends westward to the saddle west of the lake at 2,357 m, near the Dededenica peak. In this part there are three fixed wooden posts each 5,00 m apart, allowing an easier passage through this part of the trail. From the saddle the trail starts descending towards the Dolovi valley where the springs of River Lepenec are, as well as its waterfalls. In this part, the trail partially spreads across a rocky terrain and pastures, continues north – northwest and ends in the picnic site Prevala.


Technical and touristic information

Altitude of the starting point:  Ski center Brezovica – 1,740 m

Highest point:  Crni Kamen – 2,536 m

Altitude of the ending point:  Picnic site Prevala– 1,510 m

Altitude difference:  797 m

Duration of the hiking tour:  8.00 – 10.00 hours

Length of the trail:  22 km

Difficulty of the tour:      

Required fitness level:       


Panoramas and landscapes:

  • On the first part of the trail, from the ski center Brezovica to the peak Crni Kamen, the Durlov cirque is visible, and from the peak the whole southeast segment of Shar Mountain from south to north is also visible. Eastward is the lowest part of the Polog Valley, far beyond Skopje city can be seen, and westward the view is towards the Sirinichka area in Kosovo.
  • On the second part of the trail, descending towards Lake Dobroshko the view is towards the south and the whole Polog Valley is visible, and when the descent starts westward towards Lake Jazhinachko and Prevala, the populated areas of Sirinichka and Sredska in Kosovo can be seen.


Access to the starting point:

  • Highway Prishtina – Shtrpce, 62 km.
  • Local road Shtrpce – Ski center Brezovica, 25km.

The ski center Brezovica has parking spots for a large number of vehicles.


Access to the ending point:

  • Highway Prishtina – Prizren, 80 km
  • Local road Prizren – Prevala, 27 km

On the picnic site Prevala there is a parking area available for vehicles.


Accommodation and food

  • Several accommodation facilities, restaurants and markets are available, both in the ski center Brezovica and at the end point – the picnic site Prevala.