Location – mountain:

  • Shar Mountain (south segment) – part of the Mavrovo National Park


Starting point:

  • The village of Brod


Description of the trail:

From the village of Brod an asphalt road 2.5 km long leads towards Hotel Ardzhena, where the hike towards the ski center starts. After climbing from an altitude of 1,931m to an altitude of 2,222m, the ridge of the mountain Zli – Potoke starts, which is approximately three km long and 2,286 m high. Then the trail moves southward until reaching the peak of Mramor. The trail continues to move to the south all the way to the peak Mramor. From here the trail starts to descend to a height of 2,072 m. From this point the trail moves south and passes the foothill of the peaks Mala Vraca (2,453 m) and Crna Karpa (2,404 m). From here the trail ascends to the ridge of Shar Mountain where the green pass is. On the green pass on the Radika Planina (2,295 m), the trail descends to the Cafa e Kadis (1,860 m), which is located between Bozina Planina and Radika Planina. From here, the trail moves along the western slopes of Bozhina Planina through tall grass and a soft base, passing several sheep farms, descending to a wide unpaved road. This road to the west leads to the triangle between Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo on Lukovo Pole and on the east towards the area Srezimir and the asphalt road from Mavrovo to Debar. The path is the natural border between the mountain range Korab and the mountain range Shar Planina and is set beside the first spring of the River Radika. The trail ends at the locality “Torbeski Most” where a farm and a dairy are located. There is water near the farm and it is possible to erect tents close to the farm.


Technical and touristic information:

Altitude of the starting point: The village of Brod – 1,326m

Highest point: Radika green pass – 2,295m

Altitude of the ending point: Torbeshki Most – 1,331m

Altitude difference: 964m

Duration of the hiking tour: 7.00 – 9.00 hours

Length of the tour: 27km

Difficulty of the tour:     

Required fitness level     


Panoramas and landscapes:

  • View towards Albania, Kosovo, springs of the River Radika, and the springs of the River Adzhina.


Access to the starting point:

  • Highway Prishtina – Prizren, 80 km
  • Local road Prizren – Dragash, 35 km
  • Local road Dragash – Brod, 15 km
  • In the village parking is available for a limited number of vehicles.


Access to the ending point:

  • Highway Skopje – Mavrovo, 88 km
  • Local road / dirt road Mavrovo – Nichpur – Torbeshki Most, 25 km

There is parking available for a large number of vehicles at the farm near the River Radika.


Accommodation and food:

  • Accommodation facility guest houses – Kurt Husein, the village of Brod.
    • (41°59’31.01″N 20°42’29.98″E / 41.99194444, 20.70833333)
  • The area offers numerous possibilities for enjoyment. Accommodation can be found in
    • Mavrovo
    • Trnica
      • (41°42’36.05″N  20°41’18.28″E / 41.71013889, 20.68833333)
    •  Zhirovnica, where guesthouses and restaurants are available, or a camping site near the milk farm close to the  River Radika.