Location – mountain:

  • Korab – (western side)


Starting point:

  • The village of Radomirë


Description of the trail:

This trail connects the village of Radomirë with the mountain pasture of Lake Grama (in maps referred to as ‘Bjeshka e Zonjave’ as well). From early June to the end of September there are shepherds in the area and one of them has a couple of simple huts to accommodate hikers.

From the two hotels located near the center of the village (400 m east of the mosque), the trail moves onto a dirt road heading towards the Stordok neighborhood. This dirt road was built for a water supply but has been in very bad condition for a few years and is impassable for cars.

The dirt road continues with gently uphill southwest, with the river gorge on the right and the steep meadows on the left. Passing a few shepherd huts on the way, it soon hits the river at an altitude of 1,840m. At this point, it crosses the stream and ascends towards the west for about 1.5 km until it reaches a dirt road that goes down (south) towards Lake Grama. From here, moving in a south-westerly direction, the trail gets close to the rocky mountain ahead. The only accommodation (at the time of publication of the maps in 2017) is by the stream that separates the meadow of Lake Grama and the rocky mountain at an altitude of 1,780m.


Technical and touristic information:

Altitude of the starting point: Radomirë – 1,260 m

Highest point: 2,000 m

Altitude of the ending point: Grama – 1,780 m

Altitude difference: 1,080 m

Duration of the hiking tour: 6.00 – 7.00 hours

Length of the tour: 14 km

Difficulty of the tour: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Required fitness level:      


Panoramas and landscapes:

From a remote village in the foothills of the Korab where agriculture takes place on its steep slopes, the hike takes us through beautiful meadows and further on to Bjeshka e Zonjave (the Ladies’ Pasture) the view opens up towards the rugged peaks of Grama Mountain inviting us on to the next more challenging walk.


Access to the starting point:

  • Highway Tirana – Kukës, 145 km
  • Local road Kukës – Radomirë, 45 km
  • There is parking available for a large number of vehicles in the village of Radomirë.


Access to the ending point:

  • Highway Tirana – Kukës, 145 km
  • Local road Kukës – Radomirë, 45 km
  • Dirt road Sllatinë – Grama, 15 km


Accommodation and food:

  • Multiple options for accommodation in the village of Radomirë.
    • (41°48’58.00″N 20°29’6.03″E / 41.81611111, 20.48500000)
  • Accommodation at Xhemal Kaloshi shepherd’ s hut, Grama.
    • (41°44’27.8″N 20°30’11.4″E /741057, 20.503176)