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Balkan Hiking Adventure (BHA)

BALKAN HIKING ADVENTURE (BHA) is a platform for development of mountain tourism in the border area of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Currently, the main product which has the same name Balkan hiking adventure consists  of 37 one day hiking trails,  of which 8 are transnational and make hiking from Macedonia to Kosovo and from Macedonia to Albania and vice versa possible, by using green passes. The main tourism product contains several components i.e. micro products, which can be used and combined as day or extended hiking tours. BHA platform is established as partnership of several stakeholders from Macedonia. The main drivers of the activities are professional mountain leaders from Macedonia that are united in their own national association Macedonian Association of International Mountain Leaders (MAIML).  In the implementation of the activities for marking and signposting of the hiking trails the association had active cooperation with mountain and alpine clubs in which professional mountain leaders are active as mountaineers or alpinists. The mountain clubs are: Ljuboten from Tetovo, Burimi Shar from Vranjovce, Bistra from Gostivar, Dibra from Debar, Cern Kamen from Vevcani, Dimitar Ilievski Murato from Bitola and the alpine club Patagonija from Ohrid.

This cooperation will continue also in the future for the purpose of upgrading the Balkan hiking adventure product with new content,  all with the aim to present to the tourists undiscovered mountain highlands from the region, which offer excellent conditions for development of mountain tourism.