Location – mountain:

  • Shar Mountain – (central segment)


Starting point:

  • The village of Veshala


Description of the trail:

Even though the starting point is the village of Veshala, the hike starts from the village of Bozovce. The asphalt road between the village of Veshala and Bozovce is 2 km long, and instead of walking you can chose to drive, making use of a local taxi company. The trail starts from the information board at the entrance of the village, leading southwest on a wide, dirt road. From the village, with a slight ascent to an altitude of 1,600m, the trail starts descending towards Leshnica. Settled in the heart of the Shar Mountain, Leshnica is the most important spot on Shar Mountain from a biological, hydrological, geological, and touristic point of view, at an altitude of 1,450m. Above the Leshnica Valley the three rocky mountains, the so-called Leshnica Rocks rise to a height of 2,500 m. From this point, along with the River Pena, the trail moves to the springs of the river i.e. the place called Djinibeg, in a west-south direction and it bypasses Treta Karpa (2,511 m). The trail moves along the River all the way to the entrance of the Djinibeg cirque. From here, the trail veers westward and sharply ascends towards Shar Mountain ridge, specifically towards the Djinibeg green pass at an altitude of 2,200m. Then the trail continues westward in Kosovo passing through pastures. On the right side of the trail is the peak Chule (2,220m), and 1.5km on the left side is the peak Sulejmanica (2,029m). The trail continues all the way to the peak Sulejmanica and descends slightly towards the village of Brod at 1,326m.


Technical and touristic information:

Altitude of the starting point: The village of Veshala – 1,245m

Highest point: Djinibeg green pass – 2,200m

Altitude of the ending point: The village of Brod 1,326m

Altitude difference: 955m

Duration of the hiking tour: 7.00 – 9.00 hours

Length of the tour: 21 km

Difficulty of the tour:     

Required fitness level     


Panoramas and landscapes:

  • The first part of the trail is filled with panoramic views that open towards the three majestic rocks of Leshnica and the highest peak of Shar Mountain, and Titov Vrv in the background.
  • The second part of the trail is the open canon of the River Pena with the sharp sections of the third rock of Leshnica Rocks) on the left side and the pastures of Ljubovishka Mountain on the right side.
  • The descent towards the village Brod is the third panoramic segment that leads hikers through the valley of Sulejmanica and opens the views towards the Opoljanska area.


Access to the starting point:

  • Highway Skopje – Tetovo, 40 km
  • Local road Tetovo – The village of Veshala, 20 km

At the entrance of the village there is parking available for a limited number of vehicles.


Access to the ending point:

  • Highway Prishtina – Prizren, 80 km
  • Local road Prizren – Dragash, 35 km
  • Local road Dragash – The village of Brod, 15 km

At the entrance of the village there is a parking spot available for a limited number of vehicles.


Accommodation and food:

  • Accommodation facility The House of Veshala, in the village of Veshala.
    • (42° 3’44.13″N 20°50’46.03″E / 42.06225833, 20.84611111)
  • Accommodation facility Guest House – Kurt Husein, in the village of Brod.
    • (41°59’31.01″N 20°42’29.98″E / 41.99194444, 20.70833333)